Pay as a group
Anywhere, Anytime

Get a card for your community, instantly share any payments with your friends online and in-store.

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The card for community Payments.

From the group chat, Instantly generate a Virtual card that links all participants accounts. Book as a group online (AirBnB, Concert Tickets, ...). Keep control of your group expenses, no individual debit happen before an approved group payment is made.

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590 €

Clezer payment card

How is CLEZER card different?

We bring group payments to a whole new level by introducing features that make group payments simple, fair, and secure.

Real time Split payment

Real Time

All transactions are split instantly. Not before, not after... just right on time! All participant get notified in real time as the payment happen.

Accurate Split Payment


Only the exact amount is debited from participant account. Not more, not less... just what is required!

Universal Split Payment


CLEZER card is a payment card that is accepted everywhere. No constraint, no restriction...just simple!